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Buying A Yacht with NIS

NIS experts are immersed daily in the global and local brokerage market.

Every yacht is different, and every yacht owner has different needs. At NIS, our goal is to match the ideal yacht to the individual owner. Our process is designed to be helpful whether you are a long time yacht owner looking for a new boat or a first-time buyer learning the basics of the industry.

Purchase A Yacht With NIS

After our experts have analysed your needs, we use our in-depth industry knowledge to compile a selection of yachts that fit your criteria. Many yachts are customised to their owners’ preferences, so we help you compare the options and choose the best for your needs. We are always able to provide additional selections for your consideration.

Drafting The Purchase Agreement

Once all parties agree to a price, our experts draft Sales and Purchase Agreement. As part of this agreement, we ensure that you are entitled to perform a sea trial and a condition survey. Our NIS team works regularly with leading captains and surveyors worldwide, and we can help you hire experts who regularly perform sea trials and surveys. If unforeseen problems with the yacht are detected, we re-open negotiations on your behalf to demand appropriate remedies such as repairs and financial concessions.

Taking Delivery

As soon as all of your expectations are satisfied, our team schedules a date for you to take delivery of your yacht. We finalise and review all contracts and paperwork, ensure that any remedies demanded during the survey process have been completed, and arrange for the yacht to be delivered to the port of your choice. We then leave you to relax and celebrate aboard your new yacht. We return to the NIS offices, where we remain available for anything you need as you enjoy your new cruising lifestyle.

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